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If you're anything like me, you like things to be stepped out and easy to follow.

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The #1 issue observed daily is a lack of content.
No more excuses

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Growing a business with solid foundations in place... Deliver a Happy Ending - Yay!

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When you want to build a list, you want to do it with qualified leads and not just build a list for the sake of building a list.


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You can request the guide, confirm your email, get the download, then enjoy the real time experience or the choose your own adventure fun we've setup for you. Throughout your journey, not only do we deliver valuable content, you get education on the process and what step you're at.


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What others are saying about Lyndi

"Lyndi has a wealth of experience, but her real super power lies in helping take complex topics, and make them less intimidating and more accessible. Anyone who spends time with Lyndi, in person or through this automation experience, can't help but leave feeling more capable and confident in themselves."

Greg Jenkins

Keap Academy Contributor, Founder of Monkeypod Marketing

“Lyndi MacRae has a superior knack for solving big business problems with automation.  As a small business growth expert and Keap coach, Lyndi simplifies complex ideas and creates clarity for entrepreneurs who struggle to get organized so they can grow and scale. Learn from one of the best."


Carmen Campbell
Director, Customer Onboarding at Keap

Lyndi MacRae | Small Business Development Strategist and Email Marketing Specialist

Lives2Leads is Presented by Lyndi MacRae


Lyndi is a Small Business Growth Consultant and Systems Integration Specialist with above average integrity and a big heart.  Through her business in2web Marketing Lyndi works with Industry Leaders, Creatives, Coaches and Consultants to achieve consistency and efficiency in their business by using personable automation tactics to create a pleasurable customer experience.

This allows them to focus on the things they are good at, while the systems work in the background collecting recurring revenue to build their business and create transformation change for their clients. Allowing entrepreneurial business owners to achieve more, while doing less.



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